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Thompsons NI secures damages for UNISON member for slip & trip accident at work

Our client, a 62-year-old school employee and UNISON member, sustained soft tissue and ligament injuries when she slipped and fell on a small pile of debris in a school canteen.

This debris, consisting primarily of bread crumbs, also contained a small, clear plastic bottle top that had been swept into a small pile between dining tables.

The defendant denied liability in September 2021, maintaining that they were not liable for the incident in question, primarily relying on the allegation that all cleaning floor signs were in place at the time.

Thompsons (NI) was instructed by the client in late September 2022 and issued proceedings on behalf of our client in October 2022, in light of the defendant’s ongoing denial of liability.

On the morning of the hearing, the defendants made an offer of settlement in the sum of £2,000, with a 50% deduction for contributory negligence. This offer was not accepted and the matter proceeded to hearing.

Although the defendant was also able to produce witness evidence to attest to the fact that a number of warning signs were on display throughout the canteen to indicate that cleaning was taking place, judgment was made in favour of our client.

Our client was awarded a sum over four times greater than what was previously offered, with no deduction for contributory negligence.

Thompsons NI was delighted to be of assistance to this client and offer a timely and efficient resolution. This matter was heard in May 2023, eight months after carriage was assumed from a previous firm of solicitors.