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Mesh Claims

Surgical mesh implants have been widely used to treat incontinence and prolapse, but reports of health complications have now brought the safety of mesh implants into question.

The complications commonly associated with mesh surgery include chronic pain, difficulty walking, bleeding, bladder or bowel trauma, incontinence, haemotoma, and mesh erosion or protrusion.

Many of those who have had mesh surgery have been left with life-long pain and suffering; patients claim to have been inadequately informed of the potential side effects of mesh implants when agreeing to surgery, while others were never advised of the less-invasive alternative treatments available. Some patients were even told that mesh wasn’t being used in their procedure.

If you have experienced symptoms following mesh surgery, you may be able to make a mesh injury claim.

The safety of surgical mesh

In an Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review by Baroness Cumberlege, published on 8 July 2020, the impact on those whose lives have been affected by mesh surgery was acknowledged.

The report made a series of recommendations including the need for better information to be made available to patients as part of the medical consent process as well as the requirement for surgeons to have undergone appropriate and adequate training to enable them to perform mesh procedures.

We welcomed the review into the safety of surgical mesh implants and call for the recommendations made by Baroness Cumberlege to be grasped, and effectively and promptly implemented.

Why choose Thompsons NI to make a mesh claim?

Thompsons Northern Ireland is already representing victims of mesh surgery who are members of groups such as Sling the Mesh NI and Mesh Ireland; we have first-hand experience of the devastating impact vaginal and rectal mesh surgery can have on our clients and their loved ones, and will ensure you receive the right support when making a mesh claim with us.

If you have had a mesh device implanted, have experienced side effects and further problems and would like to speak to one of our specialist solicitors for further advice, please contact either Oonagh McClure or Joanne Kerr on 02890 890450 for a free, no-obligation consultation or to start your vaginal mesh claim or rectal mesh injury claim.