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Asbestos Claims

Expert advice from specialist asbestos claim solicitors in Northern Ireland

Thompsons NI Solicitors has over five decades of experience helping people who have suffered illness caused by asbestos to secure compensation. We provide legal support to thousands of people every year who are affected by the devastating results of asbestos disease.

In 1972, Thompsons brought the first ever successful compensation case for asbestos-related disease in the UK in the House of Lords.

In 2011, we fought to secure the introduction of legislation which restored the right of people in Northern Ireland to claim compensation for pleural plaques.

Today, we specialise in asbestos compensation cases and are proud to lead the field in this complex area of law.

We are totally committed to representing the victims of asbestos disease, and their families. We will never work for the employers responsible for exposing workers to asbestos or their insurance companies.

Why choose Thompsons NI to make an asbestos claim?

Thompsons NI’s dedicated asbestos solicitors have decades of experience establishing successful legal cases against the employers and insurance companies liable for the consequences of asbestos exposure. We work with families, expert witnesses and medical professionals to build a comprehensive history of when, and where, the exposure took place in order to secure substantial compensation settlements.

The symptoms of an asbestos-related illness can take decades to appear, and we understand that a diagnosis sends shock-waves through a family.

We have experience securing compensation for all asbestos-related illnesses including: pleural plaques; pleural thickening; mesothelioma; asbestos-related lung cancer and asbestosis. Our specialist teams work tirelessly to secure maximum compensation as soon as possible following the diagnosis of an asbestos-related condition. We also work with families to secure compensation after the loss of loved ones who has died from asbestos disease.

Asbestos was widely used as insulation in construction, shipbuilding and plumbing before regulations banning its use came into force in 1999. Many buildings including schools and office environments still contain asbestos.

Construction, plumbing, shipbuilding and manufacturing are commonly associated with asbestos exposure, however asbestos-related diseases are cruelly indiscriminate and can effect anyone. We have also supported office workers, public servants and teachers diagnosed with asbestos-related disease, as well as loved-ones exposed to asbestos brought home on family members’ contaminated clothing or overalls.

If you, or a loved one, have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, asbestosis, pleural thickening or any other asbestos disease, get in touch by filling in our online claim form or calling us on 0800 138 6880.

Our team can help with expert advice and support, as well as ensuring you get access to expert medical evidence and support services.