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Our family law services

Our expert team of family law solicitors and divorce lawyers can support you and your case

At Thompsons NI Solicitors, we have a specialist team of family law lawyers who can assist you with all of your family law needs. Whether you’re dealing with child residence or contact issues, divorce proceedings, cohabitation property disputes or a change in financial arrangements for your family – we are here for you and your loved ones.

We understand that going through a change in family circumstances, whatever they may be, can be stressful for everyone involved and can cause tension between family members, friends and others involved. We also know that having expert legal support can relieve many of these pressures, which is why our specialist family law solicitors based in Belfast are on hand. 

Why choose Thompsons NI's family law services?

Thompsons NI is proud to have helped hundreds of families across Northern Ireland. Our team of expert family law lawyers are experienced in helping families through sensitive and stressful circumstances, including children issues, divorce proceedings, co-habitation matters and more. We understand that our clients are often experiencing emotionally taxing, and possibly financially taxing situations, which is why we do everything we can to get the best outcome possible, as soon as possible. We will update you every step of the way so you can make informed decisions with confidence and conviction, with the security of knowing Thompsons Solicitors’ family law specialists have years of experience in resolving family law issues for people like you.

When family-law related cases are concerned, having specialist and reliable guidance is of paramount importance, as well as knowing you can trust your solicitor to work with your best interests in mind and help you make the best decisions.

If you think you could benefit from our expert family law services, or would like more information, get in touch now by calling us on 0800 138 6880 or by completing our contact form, where you select which day is more suitable for one of our dedicated family law lawyers to contact you.