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“26% of all properties in Northern Ireland could be connected to lead pipes”

Communication pipes bring water from the main supply up to the boundary of your home. NI Water are responsible to replace lead pipes leading up to your boundary.

Experts have warned of the dangers of lead exposure to public health with children particularly vulnerable. The maximum concentration of lead permitted in drinking water in the UK is 10 micrograms per litre. If your communication pipes are lead, the concentration of lead in your drinking water could exceed safe levels.

You can ask NI water to test the water in your home. If the levels exceed 10 micrograms, this exposure may have affected your or your child’s health with long lasting or permanent damage. A blood test will determine whether you have unsafe levels of lead in your system.

If you have been affected by high levels of lead exposure, please contact Thompsons NI for a free consultation on 08000 224 224.