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Compensation following a used needle injury

We recovered compensation for our client whose hand was pierced by a used needle during the course of her employment in a hospital.

While cleaning a room, she lifted a piece of plastic which had a small needle attached to it. The needle had been used, but the trust where she worked was not able to trace it to any particular patient.

She was treated by an occupational health team, however she remained concerned about contracting a blood borne virus and suffered an adjustment disorder as a result.  

The trust initially denied liability, stating the accident was unfortunate but not because of any negligence on their part. Thompsons NI argued that the trust were negligent, as they had failed to follow their own protocol for the safe disposal of needles and syringes and, as a result, exposed our client to a foreseeable injury.

Court proceedings were issued and an offer of compensation was made to our client, which was rejected on our advice. The trust obtained their own medical report and the matter was listed for hearing, however, a few days before the trial, an offer double that of the original was made and accepted by our client.

Our client said she was very pleased with the support and advice she received from Thompsons NI. She was happy that she pursued her case despite the original denial of liability and, although she was nervous about rejecting the initial offer, she has finally received the compensation that she deserves.

Thompsons NI is proud to stand up for anyone injured in a workplace accident and secure the compensation you deserve in the shortest period of time. We’ve supported thousands of workers through personal injury claims and our team has decades of experience in providing professional legal advice and representation. If you’ve had an accident at work, get in touch with Thompsons NI today.