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Compensation recovered on behalf of a machine operator

Thompsons NI, expert personal injury solicitors, has recovered compensation for a machine operator who was injured due to faulty equipment at work.

Accident at work

Our client, who is employed by an aluminium production company, was at work when a pipe gave way trapping his left hand against a bin. 

He was nearing the end of his shift when he noticed that a bin - into which waste sand from the production process is dumped - was full and needed to be emptied. The bin was too heavy for him to move alone so he sought the help of two colleagues. As they were moving the bin, the plastic pipe - which delivered the waste sand into the bin -  came away and struck him, trapping his left hand.

Liability was not admitted by the defendant and court proceedings were issued on behalf of our client.

While the defendants provided some documentation, we were not satisfied that they had provided all of the relevant documents in their possession and we obtained an order from the court to force the defendant to make full disclosure.

Ultimately, we were then able to successfully resolve the matter by way of negotiation on behalf of our client. We rejected the defendants argument that our clients compensation should be reduced as he was partly responsible for his injury, but the defendant argued that he should have emptied the bin more frequently. However, it was clear from the documentation provided that the bin was more full than usual due to a fault in the machine, which caused excessive waste sand to be dumped. Our client was not made aware of this fault or of the need to empty the bin more frequently than usual. Following his accident, a more robust pipe was fitted which should survive excessive forces.

Our client reported: “I am very happy with Thompsons NI’s work on my behalf.”

Thompsons NI is proud to stand up for anyone injured in a workplace accident and secure the compensation you deserve in the shortest period of time. We’ve supported thousands of workers through personal injury claims and our team has decades of experience in providing professional legal advice and representation. If you’ve had an accident at work, get in touch with Thompsons NI today on 0800 138 6880