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Compensation secured for a warehouse operative injured at work

A warehouse operative who was injured whilst working has secured compensation after instructing Thompsons NI Solicitors.

The operative was injured whilst loading cages containing heavy produce onto a lorry. Whilst doing so, several cages rolled and as he made no time to move out of the way, he was crushed against the side of the container wall.

Without him knowing, a lorry driver had contravened policy by hooking their cab onto the lorry, which caused the container attachment to lift and tilt.

The operative’s employer argued that the sub-contractors were to blame for the incident, as they employed the drivers.

However, Thompsons NI highlighted that the employer must take responsibility for ensuring that subcontractors are competent and responsible, as a result they were vicariously liable for the incident.

After negotiations, the employers admitted liability for the incident and Thompsons NI secured compensation of almost double the original amount offered.

He said: “I am grateful for the services of Thompsons NI. Thank you for the wonderful and professional job your team has done for me.”