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Thompsons NI Solicitors secures compensation for Road Traffic Collision Victim

The personal injury team at Thompsons NI Solicitors have secured compensation for an employee who was injured in a road traffic collision.

The client had been travelling to work on a bus, when the bus stopped for a short period of time. During this period, a truck reversed down the hill, failed to stop and crashed into the side of the bus. A number of windows on the bus were shattered which resulted in numerous injuries being inflicted onto the client. 

The injuries resulted in muscular pain to the clients’ shoulders along with tenderness around her spine and right knee. Due to the nature of her work, the employee had to take time off work and undertook physiotherapy as part of her recovery.

The worker instructed Thompsons NI Solicitors to pursue a personal injury claim on their behalf. Thompsons NI Solicitors secured compensation and the company agreed to reimburse the workers’ loss of wages along with her physiotherapy bills.

 The client said: “I would highly recommend Thompsons NI to my family, friends and work colleagues.”