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Compensation secured for supermarket employee following injury

Thompsons NI has secured compensation for an employee of a large supermarket chain, who was injured in the workplace.

The client had to reach overhead to lift stock from the top of a cage and whilst doing so a heavy box fell on her which caused injury to her face.

Although the employer admitted that the cage had been badly stacked, they argued that the client was guilty of contributory negligence by 50% due to a failure to carry out a proper safety check beforehand.

However, the personal injury team at Thompsons NI highlighted that it would not have been possible to have assessed the weight or stability of the items, due to the lack of shelves and build-up of boxes.

The client received over three times the original offer of compensation following negotiations. She said: “The personal injury team kept in contact to let me know what was going on. I received a first class service.”