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Compromise agreements - expert advice in a time of crisis

Legal support remains vital for those faced with redundancy

There is no doubt that the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has led to extraordinary levels of uncertainty for both employees and employers, across every sector.

Despite the recent extension of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme until October, as well as the best efforts of trade unions - fighting to protect members’ employment - workplaces will inevitably be faced with the prospect of job losses and redundancies.

As we have already seen in the aviation industry, the proposed cuts and losses to workforces are on a frighteningly large and unseen scale. These aren’t isolated incidents either, and inevitably workforce cuts will lead to settlement agreements that can record termination terms.

How can Thompsons NI Solicitors help?

Thompsons NI Solicitors’ Employment Rights Unit is dedicated to advising union members during this process, guiding them through the implications of what they are agreeing to.

The team has decades of experience supporting union members in both individual claims, all the way up to mass redundancy claims, across sectors such as manufacturing, aviation, technology and the public sector.

Employers will often present proposals and request a signed agreement within a very short time frame, sometimes in a matter of days. Our Employment Rights Unit can offer advice within 48 hours of a request to ensure union members have ample time to make a decision. For example, despite the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, one of our sister offices has been able to advise 100 union members – all employed by one company in the aviation sector – to reach a successful resolution through video conferencing meetings and electronic sign off to ensure safe social distancing. We have access to the same technology and can deliver the same service.

Not only can we support with the negotiation of terms of these agreements, but we can suggest arrangements to be put in place, even at short notice, to ensure members have access to our advice.

Find out more about Thompsons NI's specialists

Our specialist lawyers, George Kilpatrick and Derek Kane have a wealth of experience in handling individual and large-scale workplace redundancies.

To contact our team: 028 9089 0450

George Kilpatrick 028 9089 0478

Derek Kane 028 9089 0459