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Concerns over lengthy gynaecological waiting lists

Concerns have been raised about the delays in NHS Gynaecological waiting list times.

Hundreds of women who urgently require gynaecological treatment are being left to suffer in silence and thousands more remain on the waiting lists.

Figures provided to SDLP deputy leader, Nichola Mallon, have shown that 3358 women are currently waiting on a first gynaecology appointment. Some of the women have been on the waiting list for two years in the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust area.

The delays also extend to follow up appointments, with 498 patients receiving ‘no follow up’ as planned and 305 being three months late with the longest waiting nine months. Admission waiting times were also affected. 666 ladies have been on the inpatient list, with the longest waiting from 2016, and 853 on the waiting list for day procedures, with the longest waiting since 2017.

A spokesman for the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust said: “Belfast Trust fully acknowledges that our hospital waiting times are too long. The waiting times for general gynaecology are currently 12 weeks for urgent cases and 97 weeks for routine.”

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