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Employee knocked by lorry awarded damages

Thompsons NI Solicitors has successfully secured compensation for an employee of a major transport provider.

The worker was standing on a pedestrian walkway in the employer’s workshop when he was knocked to the floor by a reversing lorry, causing injuries to his back and neck.

Without any reversing camera, the lorry’s driver was unable to see his colleague. Neither was there a reversing beeper alarm, which given the noisy working conditions in the area, meant he was unable to hear the lorry approaching.

Thompsons NI Solicitors represented the worker and secured damages on his behalf.

Thompsons NI also brought the case to the Health and Safety Executive, and the company has since changed the system of work. Lorry drivers at the firm are now expected to complete a turn in the road at one end of the workshop and drive forwards in the pedestrian area, without reversing. The simple change has meant employees are at much less risk of an injury in the future. Vehicles now are also properly maintained to a safe working order, and fully risk-assessed.

Thompsons NI’s client said: I would like to thank the team at Thompsons NI for the quality of the service I received in my recent case and the outcome with which I was very pleased. I have no hesitation in recommending Thompsons NI Solicitors to family and friends.

If you have suffered an injury as a result of an accident at work, Thompsons NI Solicitors’ specialists can help. Contact our accident at work experts today to help you make a claim.