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Thompsons NI hold to account employer that fails to fix faulty machine

An engineering company have paid out after Thompsons NI found they were responsible for an accident that caused their employee a knee injury due to an unsafe working environment.

The accident occurred after the engineer slipped on a pool of oil that had been leaking from one of the machines. The employer attempted to address the issue by placing mats around the leaking machine to soak up the oil, but had not repaired the fault.

He contacted Thompsons NI Solicitors for help and we were able to ensure the company admitted they were at fault and a settlement of £5,000 was secured. Since the accident a new safety procedure is now in place to prevent other workers suffering the same fate.

Following the settlement of his case, he said: “I’m really happy with Thompsons who made a big difference to my case. They provided a personal service and were always approachable, down to earth and easy to talk to.”