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Further 1044 people to be reviewed in Dr Michael Watt patient recall

The Department of Health has announced that more than 1000 additional patients who had previously been treated by Consultant Neurologist, Dr Michael Watt are to be recalled. This follows the previous review of 2500 Neurology patients announced earlier this year.

It is believed that the new group of 1044 patients had previously been seen by Dr Watt and discharged to the care of their GP. Of this number, 700 patients were seen through the NHS and 344 at either the Ulster Independent Clinic or Hillsborough private Clinic.

In this additional recall, individuals who had previously been prescribed medications for neurological conditions will be reviewed to ensure that they are receiving the right treatment. The medications include anti-epileptic drugs, immunosuppressants and disease-modifying therapies which are used to treat conditions such as Epilepsy and Multiple Sclerosis.

It is understood that the review will start this weekend and should be completed within four months.

At Thompsons NI we have specialist clinical negligence solicitors with considerable experience of assisting and representing patients who have suffered as a result of medical mistakes including cases of delayed and misdiagnosis. We have already been instructed in a number of cases following the initial review into Dr Watt’s work.

If you have concerns about the treatment you have received, please contact Joanne Kerr or Oonagh McClure on 0800 138 6880 for a free consultation.