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Thompsons NI win £100,000 for injured construction worker

A sub-contractor was awarded a six-figure sum after being injured whilst working on a construction site with the help of Thompsons NI.

The man had to cross an area of the construction site without a pedestrian access route, leaving him no option but to cross the area used by motor vehicles. Whilst crossing, he was keeping an eye out for vehicles when he tripped over a piece of metalwork protruding from the ground. The force of the fall resulted in a fractured hip.

After seeking medical attention, he suffered a number of complications including infections and a re-fracture, which ultimately resulted in the need for a total hip replacement. He was unable to work for two years and has since required less physically intensive shifts when he return to work.

Following the accident, he approached us to investigate a claim for compensation on his behalf. In order to secure the settlement, Thompsons NI provided evidence showing the pedestrian access route was in fact inaccessible and that there was a piece of metalwork which should have been secured by his employer.

The defendants initially denied liability but subsequently made an offer of £100,000 in compensation for our client.