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Thompsons NI reach settlement for worker injured due to lack of training

A university technician has reached a settlement with his employer following an accident that left irreparable damage due to a lack of safety training.

Despite being a long-term employee, he had never received any formal training on how to use a metal bending machine, which wasn’t fitted with safety guards. As he fed metal into the rollers of the machine his hand was pulled in and his fingers were crushed.

The injury damaged his middle and ring fingers and he was unable to work for six weeks after the incident. He has since made a recovery but has been left with scarring and a loss of sensitivity in his fingertips. 

Following the accident he approached us to investigate a claim for compensation on his behalf, and Thompsons NI secured an admission of liability and a settlement of £9,500.

He said: “I received good, practical and realistic advice from my solicitor at Thompsons NI who worked hard to ensure the best outcome for the case.”