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Thompsons NI wins Injured Nursing Auxiliary over £80,000 in damages

Thompsons NI has secured over £80,000 in damages for a Nursing Auxiliary who was injured at work.


At the time of her accident, the worker was accompanying a patient to the CT scanner in the main building of the hospital.


As she had turned into the corridor, her left foot slipped on a puddle of water and she fell to the ground. She was unable to get up and was moved to the A&E department.


The worker sustained a broken left hip and wrist and underwent surgery two days later.


An investigation followed and it was discovered there was no wet floor signs as the worker slipped on the puddle of water from trollies. She was later advised this problem had existed for at least a year.


The worker instructed Thompsons NI Solicitors to pursue a personal injury claim on her behalf.


Thompsons NI Solicitors secured compensation for the worker and the employer admitted liability for the incident and placed notices on the trollies containing a warning.