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Personal Injury Lawyer at Thompsons NI delivers PI Update at Unison Branch Meeting

Damien Watson, Personal Injury Solicitor, attended at UNISON’s Northern Health Branch to advise the Union representatives on how to assist their members in both bringing and succeeding in a claim for compensation.

Here are some of the key points UNISON Representatives took away from the talk:

  • All PI cases must be brought within 3 years from the date of accident. In disease cases or cases such as Repetitive Strain Injuries, time runs from when the person knew or could have reasonably expected to know that their injury was caused by their work. It is therefore important that Representatives advise Members to make the referral to the UNISON legal service helpline as soon as possible.
  • Representatives should advise Members to record all accidents contemporaneously and in detail – no matter how trivial. This will provide a vital tool in holding employers to account.
  • Representatives should request and keep a copy of all minutes from relevant meetings in which they have made complaints and/or recommendations to management about the current situation and how health and safety can and should improve.
  • Safety Representatives have an obligation to assist their Members by investigating accidents, inspecting the scene and obtaining copy documents to include both maintenance records and the risk assessment carried out on the piece of equipment or the job at hand.

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Thompsons NI and UNISON continue to have a strong relationship in promoting and protecting the interests of workers. Download this summary of legal services UNISON members are entitled to here or find out more on our trade union lawyers page.