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Thompsons NI wins damages for family of employee diagnosed with pleural plaques

Thompsons NI Solicitors has helped secure substantial compensation for a metal fabrications worker who died from complications resulting from asbestos exposure. He worked for a large Belfast company manufacturing boiler flues and chimneys between 1970 until 1979.

His role in the process involved erecting chimneys and fitting boiler flues at various different factory sites. Part of this meant moving old extraction units and fitting new ones, including the ducting.

The worker was not supplied with a mask or breathing apparatus when asbestos dust was present.

In the years following, he was diagnosed with pleural plaques - a type of scarring of the lungs which acts as an indicator of asbestos exposure. Since Thompsons NI took on his case, he passed away from other health complications, and Thompsons NI pursued the case on behalf of his family.

The defendants denied liability and were unprepared to put forward any reasonable settlement proposals in light of the incident.

As a result, Thompsons NI issued court proceedings and a settlement was successfully negotiated. The family received twice the amount of compensation that had originally been offered to them.

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease, we can support you with advice on how to make a claim. Find out more information here.