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Family of deceased shipyard worker awarded six-figure compensation sum

Thompsons NI secured a compensation package worth £132,500 for the family of a shipyard worker who died after being diagnosed with the fatal asbestos-exposure disease mesothelioma.

He had started work in the shipyard when he was 16, remaining there for the duration of his 22-year career. During this time, he worked in different roles which exposed him to airborne asbestos fibre. He recalled that whilst working on the construction and repair of ships, he would often see asbestos dust visible in the air when his colleagues mixed and applying asbestos. He was never provided with any suitable mask or breathing apparatus in any of these roles.

His case reached Thompsons NI’s specialist asbestos disease team when he contacted us after seeing a number of his former colleagues also developing asbestos related conditions. Upon medical examination he was diagnosed with mesothelioma, after which his condition deteriorated rapidly. He was dependent on his wife and son who cared for him until he died.

Thompsons NI successfully won his case and his family were given £132,500 in damages to secure their future.