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Injured local authority worker wins damages with Thompsons NI and Unite

Thompsons NI with Unite Legal Services have secured compensation for a worker who was injured.

At the time of the incident, our client was working as a bin lorry loader. As he was leaving the lorry, the driver accelerated off too quickly.  As a result, the lorry wheels ran over our clients’ foot which caused severe soft tissue injury, and pain which lasted for several months.

The worker instructed Thompsons NI Solicitors and Unite Legal Services to pursue a personal injury claim on his behalf. Our client received compensation and the employer was found to be liable for the incident.

The client said: “I found Thompsons NI and Unite Legal Services very helpful and informative. I realised it was a drawn-out procedure by the other side. But every time I had questions I was kept fully informed and up-to-date with the case.”