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Thompsons NI raises money for The Northern Ireland Hospice

On Friday 12th October, the Thompsons NI office held a coffee morning to support the Northern Ireland Hospice. Thanks to our staff for providing a range of delicious treats for colleagues to enjoy, we are pleased to say that we raised over £180 for the charity.

The Northern Ireland Hospice is an important local charity that offers specialist respite, symptom management and end of life palliative care to over 3,500 infants, children and adults each year. It is based on the values of preciousness of life, respect and compassion.

A new inpatient unit opened in 2016 has positioned the charity as a world-leader in palliative care. This high standard of care also extends to community-based service programmes that enables 90% of hospice care to be provided to patients in the comfort of their own home surrounded by family and friends.

The hospice also recognises that life can be turned upside down for the family of those diagnosed with a terminal illness, and so it offers extensive family support throughout palliative care and bereavement care.

At Thompsons NI, we chose to raise money for this charity for all of their wonderful work. Not only does one of our staff volunteer with the hospice, but we have successfully represented clients affected by asbestos exposure throughout their working life and have unfortunately been diagnosed with an asbestos-related illness, such as mesothelioma. Such diseases are terminal and so some of our clients and their families have had to avail of the comfort and support of the Northern Ireland Hospice.

Thompsons NI Solicitors was proud to hold a coffee morning in support of the Northern Ireland Hospice that offers essential support and dignity to people, such as our clients and their families, but also to many other people in our local community. We hope this will inspire others to hold such events for local charities in their areas too.

If you, or a loved one, have been diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease, Thompsons NI can help you. Our specialist asbestos team can help with legal advice and support to make an asbestos compensation claim, as well as ensuring you get access to expert medical evidence and support services. Start a claim today by filling in our online claim form, or call us on 0800 138 6880 to discuss your case.