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Thompsons NI secures an employment settlement on behalf of UNISON member

A healthcare worker and UNISON member has received compensation for a race discrimination claim.

George Kilpatrick of the Employment Rights Unit of Thompsons NI acted on behalf of Mrs Augustine in securing a settlement in a race discrimination claim arising out a recruitment and selection exercise.

Mrs Augustine said: “I am very pleased with the outcome of my case and want to thank Unison for supporting my case through free legal representation from Thompsons NI. I would also like to thank George for his hard work, advice and support in my case.”

Nuala Conlon, a full-time official of Unison said: “Thompsons NI’s Employment Law Solicitor George Kilpatrick successfully got a settlement for our member in this race discrimination case. I would like to commend George on both the work on this case and the support he offered to our member during this difficult time”.

The law on discrimination against workers

It is unlawful, in Northern Ireland, to discriminate against workers on protected grounds including on the grounds of sex, religion/political opinion, disability, race, sexual orientation, and age.

Various pieces of equality legislation prohibit employers from discriminating on such grounds against prospective and actual employees in:

• The arrangements made for the purpose of determining who should be offered employment
• The terms on which employment is offered
• Or by refusing to offer employment.

How Thompsons NI Solicitors can help you with your employment rights matter

If you have any employment law related concerns, our solicitors can help. We deal with a whole range of employment issues on behalf of union and non-union members. Please speak to your local trade union representative for assistance, or if your workplace is not unionised, please contact the Employment Rights Unit at Thompsons NI on 0800 138 6880. Alternatively, you can find out more about our employment law services by visiting our dedicated page.