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Thompsons NI secures compensation for a healthcare employee

Compensation has been secured for an employee in the healthcare sector, after she instructed Thompsons NI to pursue a personal injury claim on her behalf.

The client provided personal care and support services within a ward of patients suffering from significant mental health challenges.

Whilst assisting a patient who had become unsettled and aggressive, the client sustained injuries to her nose and mouth after being punched in the face.

Due to the pattern of aggressive behaviour that been displayed by the patient in the past, the personal injury team at Thompsons NI argued that the employer should have been aware of the likelihood of physical abuse against staff.

Thompsons NI also said that the risk of harm to staff would have been minimised, or avoided, if the employer had fully assessed and reacted to these risks.

The case did not need to be taken to court and was settled following negotiations.

The client said: “I felt relaxed talking to the team at Thompsons NI. They were straightforward and easy to understand. They work hard for people in need of help and I am grateful to them.”