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Thompsons NI secures compensation for factory worker

Thompsons NI has secured compensation for a general operative at a meat factory, who was injured at work.

Industrial accident at work

The client suffered burn injuries after he was exposed to Sodium Hydroxide in the workplace.

Our client was tasked with pouring the chemical from large bags into smaller bags, which caused the chemical to spill onto his skin. As the day went on, he felt a burning sensation on his skin, and his face became red. The chemical spill resulted in some marks being left on his face.

The case against the employer

The client contacted our accident at work specialists at Thompsons NI Solicitors to bring his personal injury claim against his employer. Our specialists found that not only did the employer fail to provide the client with a face mask or barrier to prevent exposure, they also did not arrange any health and safety training for the client before letting him carry out the task. 

Thompsons NI personal injury secures compensation

After negotiating with the client’s employer, Thompsons NI personal injury team were able to recover a settlement sum for his injuries without having to issue court proceedings. The client said: “My personal injury lawyer at Thompsons NI acted professionally and efficiently.”

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If you have suffered an injury from an accident at work in Northern Ireland, our lawyers in Belfast can help you. We have decades of experience and expertise of securing compensation for clients who have suffered injuries through no fault of their own.

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