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Thompsons NI secures compensation for injured supermarket employee

Compensation has been secured for an employee of a large supermarket chain in Northern Ireland, after she instructed Thompsons NI to pursue an accident at work claim on her behalf.

 At the time of the accident, the shop worker was using the toilet at her workplace when she was hit on the head by the lid a metal toilet roll holder, which had been secured only with the use of stickers.

 As a result, the employee sustained a head injury and subsequent headaches, as well as tinnitus-like symptoms.

 Despite the employer admitting liability and making an offer of settlement, they continued to argue that the weight of the lid was not sufficient enough to cause significant injury.

The legal case against the supermarket

The Thompsons NI personal injury team argued that the employer had failed to take into account the fact that the object fell on a vulnerable area of the client’s head and the speed at which it fell, and that therefore the settlement offer did not reflect the value of the case.

After a period of negotiations, the Thompsons NI personal injury team secured the client over double the amount of compensation initially offered by the employer.

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