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Thompsons NI secures compensation for retail sector employee

Thompsons NI has secured compensation for a retail employee who suffered an injury at her place of work.

Retail sector accident at work

A retail worker suffered a neck and back injury at her place of work while opening a large safe.

Having turned the key and operated the lever to release the lock on the safe, she placed her hands along the outer edge of the door and attempted to pull it towards her. As she did so, a rubber grip on the door became detached, and she was thrown backwards.

The accident left the worker with injuries to her neck and back, and she contacted specialists at Thompsons NI Solicitors in Belfast to represent her in a personal injury claim.

The case against the retailer

Her employer initially denied responsibility for the accident, arguing that she should have pulled the handle to open the door, and should not have been pulling from the outer edge.

However, the personal injury team at Thompsons NI instructed a consulting engineer to examine the safe, who found that the handle was actually part of the locking mechanism. The engineer was of the view that the handle would not afford sufficient grip nor leverage to pull the heavy door open, and should only be used to release the lock.

Thompsons NI issued court proceedings against the employer, however, on the day before the trial was due to take place, the employer proposed a settlement sum for the worker’s injuries, which was accepted.

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