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Thompsons NI secures compensation for retail worker

Our expert personal injury solicitors have secured a compensation settlement for a retail employee injured in an accident at work.

Accident at work

Our client, an USDAW member, is employed by a large retail organisation when she was involved in an accident at work. Before her shift started, she entered the female toilets. The light in the room was out and as she entered the room, she tripped over a ladder which had been left on the floor of the room in the darkness. She landed heavily, injuring her back and hip.

The case against the employer

Thompsons NI pursued a claim against B&M Retail on behalf of the retail worker.

Our specialist personal injury team based in Belfast instructed an independent consultant orthopaedic surgeon to examine the client and to write a medical report.

Even though liability was admitted, the insurance company failed to make an adequate offer of compensation and it was necessary to issue Court proceedings on behalf of our client.

Shortly after proceedings were issued, further negotiations produced a satisfactory settlement figure which our client was happy to accept.

Trade Union Support

Following her accident, she was told by her employer that her accident was her own fault. As a member of USDAW, she received expert advice and support as part of her trade union membership.

Our client was very grateful for the support of her trade union and Thompsons NI. She said, “I wouldn’t have even known where to start. I knew that I could contact them with any concerns or questions and they would be addressed quickly and effectively. I am grateful for all their help and guidance.”

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Thompsons NI is proud to stand up for anyone injured in a workplace accident and secure the compensation you deserve in the shortest period of time. We’ve supported thousands of workers through personal injury claims and our team has decades of experience in providing professional legal advice and representation. If you’ve had an accident at work, get in touch with Thompsons NI today.