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Thompsons NI Solicitors secure compensation for machine operative

Thompsons NI has helped secure compensation for a machine operative who was injured during the course of his employment with a food manufacturing company.

In the course of the client’s employment, he was required to repetitively stretch, cut and lift heavy weights resulting in him sustaining an injury to his right elbow. We obtained medical evidence to substantiate that the working operations had contributed to him developing the condition known as golfer’s elbow.

High Court proceedings were issued and the case was defended by the employer’s solicitors who argued that the weights involved in the working processes were not excessive and in any event, the process was largely machine driven.

The defence also challenged the case on the basis that they did not accept that the member’s injuries were in any way related to his work but instead had arisen because of other unconnected reasons.

Despite the firm denial of liability, Thompsons NI resolved the matter without the need for a court hearing and secured compensation for the client.