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Disabled worker wins compensation with Thompsons NI Solicitors

A Northern Irish worker subjected to harassment and victimisation in his workplace has been compensated by a major public body. The man, who suffers from a degenerative condition which causes him pain, restricted movement, and substantially affects their day-to-day activities was discriminated against due to his disability.

His employer should have provided options for adjustment including an opportunity to work from home, relocation to an office closer to home, flexible working hours, a disabled parking space, appropriate seating arrangements and a reduced workload. None of these options were provided and so the worker suffered a disadvantage compared to his colleagues. Thompsons NI argued this less favourable treatment was victimisation.

After a period of negotiations, the case was successfully settled by Thompsons NI Solicitors, who secured tens of thousands of pounds in compensation for the worker. The employer also agreed to make the necessary changes to the workplace.

The client said; “I found my solicitor to be helpful, patient and approachable throughout the process. He also had the experience and insight to make proposals contributing to a successful outcome.”