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Thompsons Solicitors NI employment rights specialist delivers talk at UNISON NI AGM

Recently, our employment rights solicitor, Paul Upson, delivered a talk on redundancy rights for UNISON activists at the AGM of the Community & Voluntary Sector branch of UNISON NI.

During the presentation, Paul talked about the work that our solicitors have done with trade unions and their members over the last 40 years. Paul also explained the legal services Thompsons Solicitors NI provides for UNISON members, including information and legal advice on personal injury claims both at or away from work. Paul received a warm welcome from everyone involved at the UNISON talk, and there was a lively discussion about redundancy rights.

Here are some of the key points UNISON members took away from the talk:

  • An employee has the right to a statutory redundancy payment if they are dismissed because of a redundancy situation provided they have been employed for two years;
  • An employee has the right to statutory notice of their redundancy dismissal provided they have been employed for at least one month;
  • An employer who is making an employee redundant has a duty to consider whether they are able to avoid the dismissal by offering the individual another suitable role elsewhere in the organisation;
  • An employee who is dismissed because of redundancy can pursue a claim to the Industrial Tribunal for unfair dismissal provided they have been employed for one year;
  • A claim for unfair dismissal to the Industrial Tribunal must be lodged within three months of the date that the employee is dismissed.

Do you have a question about employment rights?

Thompsons NI has a proud history of fighting for workers’ rights. We’re proud to support trade unions and their members to ensure they have adequate protection at work and immediate access to legal assistance if and when they need it.

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